The Benefits of Soft Tissue Management in New Berlin

Managing soft tissue is part of a wider program of gum disease treatment. Here at Kraklow Quality Dentistry, Dr. Thomas Kraklow and our team of hygienists are working toward developing a management program for the soft tissue of patients affected by periodontal disease. Managing soft tissue for our patients requires our team to create a program designed to treat each patient based on the qualities of their gum disease.

What Is Soft Tissue Management?

Periodontal disease is the reason why our patients need gum disease treatment. Periodontal disease is better known as gum disease, and the symptoms of this dental issue include damage to the soft tissue. Gum disease begins with gingivitis, with plaque forming a sticky film on the exterior of your teeth. Dr. Kraklow believes the problem of gum disease has to be addressed quickly and efficiently. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease inflame the gums. Our team understands the need to address gum disease early to avoid the gums being pulled away from the teeth.

What Is Soft Tissue Management?

At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, we believe that gum disease needs to be addressed every four to six weeks. The progression of periodontal disease can be speedy and cause long-term damage to your smile. Dr. Kraklow's team works together to form a plan based on the two pillars of soft tissue management: scaling and root planing.

Scaling as a Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Kraklow and our team of hygienists work together to start your treatment for gum disease with a deep scaling. Using specialist scaling tools, our team will scrape tartar and plaque from your teeth below the gum line. Our team will expose parts of the root of your tooth to ensure as much of each tooth is cleaned as possible.

Completing Gum Disease Treatment With Root Planing

After the scaling process is completed, parts of your roots will be exposed. The hygienists at Kraklow Quality Dentistry use specialist tools to smooth the exposed roots. Removing the calculus and toxins below your gum line will help our team to limit the problems you face with gum disease.

Gum disease is associated with heart problems and other health issues. By working with Dr. Kraklow, you will have the soft tissue of your gums managed to limit the effects of periodontal disease. Call Kraklow Quality Dentistry today to discuss soft tissue management as a gum disease treatment.