Dental Bridges Greenfield

Bridging All Your Gaps With Dental Bridges

Dental bridges from Kraklow Quality Dentistry could prove an important factor in your speech, appearance, and overall health. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth by bridging the gap with a plate of two or more artificial teeth. The teeth can be made of various materials that include metals like silver and gold, resins, porcelain, and ceramics. At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, we offer a full range of dentistry services that include dental bridges near me if you live in the Greenfield area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Bridges are partial plates of artificial teeth designed to replace missing teeth. Fixed bridges attach to healthy teeth with crown covers using hidden connectors. Removable bridges attach to healthy teeth on either side with clasps that are visible. Implant bridges attach to implants that replace tooth anchors. The implants attach under the gums or directly to the jaw.

Having a full set of teeth plays a crucial role in speech, appearance, and your ability to chew food properly. Chewing with missing teeth can result in gum disease, speech disorders, and appearance issues because your teeth begin to shift.

Types of Dental Bridges Near Me

There are four major types of bridges that can repair missing teeth with artificial replacements. These include the following options:

  • The Traditional Fixed Bridge - The most common type of bridge is the traditional fixed bridge. This type connects on either side to a crown or filler tooth, which locks the bridge in place. The bridge itself is made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramics.
  • Cantilever Bridge - This type of bridge is made for people who only have one tooth to anchor the bridge. You might have missing teeth on only one side of healthy teeth.
  • Maryland Dental Bridge - The Maryland dental bridge consists of a resin-bonded bridge of porcelain to metal or ceramic teeth. It’s supported by a framework with wings on both sides that attach to existing healthy teeth.
  • Implant Bridge - This bridge works just like a traditional fixed bridge, but instead of attaching to crowns, the bridge is held in place by dental implants. Usually, an implant is inserted in place of each missing tooth, and the bridge attaches to the implant at the gum line.

At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, we can bridge all your gaps. That includes solving cosmetic issues, relieving tooth pain, and replacing missing teeth. If you live or work in the Greenfield area, you can end your search for dental bridges near me. If you’re considering a bridge to replace missing teeth, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We also offer a full line of other dental services and would be happy to tell you more.