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If you struggle with missing teeth but want an affordable alternative, consider full or partial dentures from Kraklow Quality Dentistry. Recent advancements have made dentures more natural-looking, comfortable and affordable than ever. We offer several denture options, depending on your oral health. Dentures from Dr. Thomas Kraklow are tailored to your needs and budget.

Types of Available Dentures

Dr. Kraklow offers several types of dentures, depending on the number of missing teeth and the state of the underlying bone. Tooth loss occurs due to gum disease, tooth decay and facial injuries. Missing teeth can cause facial muscles to sag eventually. Dentures will fill out your facial profile and improve your appearance while also making it easier to eat and smile. Dr. Kraklow and his professional staff offer:

  • Complete or full dentures that replace all teeth and gums
  • Partial dentures that you are able to remove
  • Partial fixed dentures that only our dentist can remove
  • Immediate dentures for use immediately after tooth extractions
  • Implant retained dentures that can make conventional dentures more secure

Choosing Your Dentures

Complete or full dentures replace an entire set of teeth and are the last option after other tooth restorations are ineffective. They are fully customized and restore the look and shape of natural teeth, helping improve eating and chewing. Dentures don't prevent bone shrinkage like implants do. Patients over the age of 65 are the most common candidates for dentures.

Fixed partial dentures use implants as supports and are essentially permanent bridges that replace several teeth. They can be used when strong natural teeth are available on either side of the missing ones. Removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a plastic gum-colored base and include a cast metal framework for strength. You can remove these partials at any time, and they are commonly recommended for those who aren't candidates for an implant-supported bridge.

Immediate dentures provide a temporary solution for eating and talking after extracting all of your teeth. You'll wear them for about six to eight weeks until your gums have healed enough for the placement of permanent dentures.

Implant-retained dentures click into place on metal implants. The implants support more than one tooth and can often replace an entire set of teeth. Implant-retained dentures increase stability, improve chewing function, are more comfortable than traditional dentures and preserve bone loss.

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