Pediatric Dentistry in Greenfield

Caring Pediatric Dentistry in Greenfield

At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, Dr. Tom Kraklow and our team strive to provide exceptional customer experiences for each family member. That includes pediatric dentistry for your children where we strive to educate them about the importance of dental care. We hope to inspire lifelong good oral habits, but we understand that sometimes we have to make the best of a bad situation.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me

We proudly work closely with parents and their children to encourage healthy oral habits. Dr. Kraklow has years of training and experience in treating patients from infancy, and he strives to make oral care fun and exciting. All of our services are designed to establish good health habits and keep your children smiling.

The needs of children are unique and personal, and Dr. Kraklow understands the demands of physical growth, puberty, and tooth development. He can address cavities by cleaning the area, filling as needed, and recommending root canals to save any primary tooth. He also specializes in endodontic procedures. These techniques focus on the health of tooth pulp.

As part of Dr. Kraklow’s recommendations for preventative care, he offers endodontic services that only three percent of dentists provide. Encouraging pulp health at an early age helps to protect your teeth for a lifetime.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me Services

Our services at Kraklow Quality Dentistry include dental surgery, periodontics, soft tissue management, and general family dentistry procedures. You can schedule regular checkups and exams, teeth cleaning sessions and even teeth whitening as your children enter puberty. Dr. Kraklow always stresses tooth health as the best guarantee of an attractive smile, but he also understands peer pressure.

Braces and invisible braces are popular procedures at our practice -- especially among adolescents. Parents need to instill a healthy respect for dentists and personal oral care in their children. Dr. Kraklow will help by providing educational handouts and discussing major concerns with his juvenile patients.

For example, did you know that sloppy dental habits can result in children losing their permanent teeth before they reach adulthood? Oral decay and disease can cause a lifetime of extreme mouth pain and other complications. Childhood dental caries is an infectious disease that’s five times more common than childhood asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.

Left untreated, cavities can affect how the permanent teeth develop in a negative way. That can lead to speech defects, improper alignment of teeth, and bad chewing habits. The space for permanent teeth needs protection to prevent problems with the bite developing. A firm, natural bite is necessary for the healthy development of the jaws and muscles of the mouth.

How to Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Our experience and focus on preventative pediatric dentistry education make it easy to choose Kraklow Quality Dentistry for all your family’s dental needs. Our team and Dr. Kraklow always provide exceptional care in explaining your child's oral care options, and we focus on educating our neighbors and patients about dental issues. We offer friendly, comfortable, and painless dentistry for all your needs.

If you want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kraklow, contact us to schedule an initial appointment for you or your children.