Extractions in Greenfield

At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, Dr. Tom Kraklow and our staff work hard to save every tooth possible. However, extractions always remain a possibility because of previous tooth losses and the desire for dentures or just personal preferences to stop the chronic pain.

Tooth Extraction Near Me

Getting a tooth extraction in the Greenville area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the primary duties of care that Dr. Kraklow performs as a dentist. Despite his preference of saving the tooth when possible, he will extract damaged or decayed teeth when the patient insists and for the following reasons:

  • To protect the health of other teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Failed endodontic procedures
  • Badly broken tooth that’s not repairable
  • Severe decay
  • Poorly positioned teeth that need relief of pressure
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth often erupt unexpectedly around the age of 20. These molars are usually superfluous, and when they grow at a bad angle, they can damage teeth alignment, generate severe pain and even make teeth and gum diseases more likely to develop. Removal is often the preferred course for dealing with unnecessary and painful wisdom teeth.

Tooth Extraction Near Me: Patient Options

After you undergo a tooth extraction, you will need to replace the missing tooth or teeth. If the teeth are not replaced, the bones in your mouth can weaken and lose density. Other teeth also might shift, and you might experience trouble eating. Fortunately, you have several replacement options for missing teeth.

Most patients choose one of our tooth replacement options after a tooth extraction. These include dental implants, partial dentures, full dentures and crowns.

Dental implants are used as an anchor to attach a crown, which functions and appears like a normal tooth. This is the best replacement strategy because the crown perfectly replaces the natural tooth, supports bone health and provides a natural ability to eat and speak normally.

The implant is inserted in the jawbone, and during the healing time, the implant actually fuses with the bone for a strong, stable anchor point for your crown. Tooth-colored resin ranks among the most popular materials for crowns, but you can choose porcelain, ceramics and even silver and gold.

Removable partial dentures can always be used to replace two or more missing teeth. The denture attaches to healthy teeth with a clasp or metal wire. You can also get fixed partial or full dentures. Full dentures attach to gum implants for stability. Partial dentures usually attach to crowned teeth on either side of replacement teeth.

Fixed bridges can also be chosen for teeth replacement. The bridge that contains replacement teeth is cemented or bonded into place by various methods. Patients can wear a temporary bridge until the permanent bridge is made.

Scheduling a Tooth Extraction Near Me

If you have a broken, injured or rotting tooth, you might need an extraction or other dental service to save it. Call to make an appointment with Dr. Kraklow. You can also contact us online to schedule an appointment.