Why Choose an Endodontist in New Berlin

Simply the mention of a root canal can cause concern among our patients. Dr. Thomas Kraklow at Kraklow Quality Dentistry understands how his skills in endodontics can limit any potential dental problems. The benefits of finding a specialist in endodontics include:


  • Maintaining the natural beauty of your smile


  • Limiting pain levels in your mouth


  • Accurately diagnosing the cause of your tooth pain

Why Choose an Endodontist Near Me?

There are several reasons why the choice of our specialist in endodontics for your toothache is a good one. Dr. Kraklow is a fully trained and licensed dentist. Alongside general dentistry, he has completed further training in endodontics. If you are suffering from a toothache leading to the potential for a root canal treatment, our dentist can offer a professional service. Our endodontist near me is equipped with the skills to diagnose the source of toothache and complete any needed treatment in our office in New Berlin.

The Benefits of Choosing an Endodontist

Endodontics is an area of dentistry that offers support and a reduction in anxiety for our patients. Root canal surgery remains 95% successful. There are occasions when the pain of a tooth affected by a root canal does not fade after surgery. Problems can be seen years after surgery is completed when the repaired tooth of our patients will begin to hurt again. Endodontic specialists, like Dr. Kraklow, can complete an accurate diagnosis of toothache. Making a speedy decision about how the toothache will be treated is a major part of the work of our team.

What Is the Difference Between a Dentist and an Endodontist?

The simplest way of understanding the impressive nature of Dr. Kraklow's skills is to understand all endodontic specialists are dentists. However, only 3% of all U.S. dentists are endodontists. Like all specialists in root canal treatments, Dr. Kraklow underwent further training after his studies in general dentistry. Unlike a regular dentist, our dental experts can complete almost all root canal treatments in-house.

Helping You Understand the Endodontic Treatment Process

The ability to understand the treatment process is something we at Kraklow Quality Dentistry pride ourselves on. Dr. Kraklow's knowledge of root canal issues will set your mind at ease before your treatment begins.

An endodontist near me can help you to understand the ins and outs of root canal surgery if the time comes to consider the procedure. Call today to schedule a consultation at Kraklow Quality Dentistry.