Dentures in Greenfield

Options for Dentures in Greenfield

Full and partial plates, commonly called dentures, are removable prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. Sometimes, that requires a full upper or lower plate. If you live in the Greenfield area of Milwaukee and are searching for "dentures near me," Dr. Thomas Kraklow at Kraklow Quality Dentistry can help. We offer standard full and partial plates that take time to fit properly, but we also provide advanced fittings that can be installed immediately.

Immediate or Delayed Dentures Near Me

Dr. Kraklow believes in being prepared for any contingency. That’s why our practice offers some of the latest dental technologies and procedures. Dentures are quite common prosthetics used by people who have lost teeth over the years due to accidents or decay.

Full or partial dentures are almost undetectable thanks to advances in dentistry and additive technology that can customize your plate one layer at a time. Your plate will be comfortable, fully functional, attractive, affordable, and undetectable. We have the ability to offer you conventional and immediate fittings.

Conventional plates are produced after teeth are removed and the gums have had time to heal. That makes the best fit because some gum shrinkage and shifting usually occur after extractions. Dr. Kraklow will be able to fit your plate between eight and 12 weeks after extractions.

Alternatively, we can fit you for an immediate denture right after extraction so you don’t have to make allowances while your gums heal. Dr. Kraklow will make adjustments afterward to accommodate any gum shrinking and shifting.

Partials or Full Dentures Near Me

Struggling with one or more missing teeth always involves some sacrifice. You might be forced to chew on one side of your mouth, which can damage your bite, or maybe your face has begun to sag. Fortunately, your full or partial plate supports chewing, smiling, and talking by mimicking and supporting your facial structure. These plates consist of replacement teeth made of resin, porcelain, ceramics, or even metal that attach to a gum-colored base that fits over your gums where teeth are missing.

You can get a fixed plate by placing crowns on surrounding healthy teeth on both sides and using them to anchor the plate. Normally, removable partial plates have internal attachments that show when connecting with healthy teeth. Partial plates not only restore tooth function but also prevent your remaining teeth from migrating out of their natural position.

Full plates are designed to fit naturally over the gums, but these can be anchored with dental implants for added security. Dental implants are placed under the gums, and some even connect to the jaw bone.

Alternatives to Dentures

As a full-service dental office, we always strive to accommodate your needs -- such as late or Saturday appointments, various anesthesia options, and multiple treatment options. Alternatives to full and partial plates include dental implants, dental bridges, and overdentures.

Scheduling an appointment at Kraklow Quality Dentistry is easy, and Dr. Kraklow will be happy to explain all your options for replacing missing or damaged teeth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.