Endodontics in Greenfield

Certified Endodontist in Greenfield

Endodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the roots and pulp health of teeth. Dr. Tom Kraklow is a certified endodontist, a certification that only about three percent of dentists have earned with extra training. Consulting Dr. Kraklow is recommended if you experience a tooth injury or suffer from extreme tooth pain. Root canals are the most common endodontic procedure because they can save your tooth.

Dr. Kraklow is committed to maintaining your natural smile as long as possible, and only root canal specialists have the training and skills necessary. Using advanced technology like the dental operating microscope, there are several approaches he can take to reshape your tooth during re-treatment.

When to Consult an Endodontist Near Me

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry committed to saving teeth instead of extracting them. The procedures focus on the health of the tooth pulp and root nerve. After a root canal, the tooth is essentially dead because the pulp has been removed, and the tooth is cut off from the blood supply. Endodontic procedures include capping teeth after a root canal to protect them for years to come. Pain in a tooth after a root canal is one of the major reasons to consult Dr. Kraklow.

Why Visit Endodontists Near Me?

Extracting a tooth should always be your last resort because it can generate adverse biological and financial repercussions. The costs of implants, extractions, and bridges often exceed the cost of endodontic treatment to save your natural tooth. The biological costs of tooth extractions include compromised speech, loss of support for other teeth, and premature aging as your gums recede.

Dr. Kraklow will conduct a thorough examination while making every effort to ensure your comfort. He will take a complete medical history and examine the pulp of the offending tooth, and he often recommends an endodontic root canal, which has a 95 percent success rate. If you’ve already had a root canal, there are still alternatives to relieve your pain while saving the tooth.

Your Proactive Endodontist

Dr. Kraklow believes strongly in endodontics, and he will explain all your treatment options, healing time required, and other relevant information so that you can make an informed decision. Endodontists perform multiple root canals each week, so they are generally more skilled than regular dentists who only do one or two a week.

One of the treatment options of endodontics is an apicoectomy, which involves surgery on the gum tissue surrounding the infected tooth. This treatment is often necessary when one of the following conditions exist:

  • Miniscule dental fractures appear.
  • The dental canals fill up with calcium deposits.
  • The tooth never healed properly after a root canal.
  • Surrounding tissue becomes infected.

Apicectomies are the last resort when non-surgical treatments fail to relieve your pain. If this occurs, Dr. Kraklow will extract the tooth and try to prevent any infection with proactive efforts to disinfect the area.

Endodontist Near Me: Scheduling a Consultation

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kraklow to discuss any dental issue, but it’s especially useful to have him nearby as an endodontist. If you experience a severely damaged tooth or have extreme tooth pain, schedule an appointment today to discuss your situation and get a tooth exam.