We are proud to offer a range of oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures, from wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement to emergency dental and root canal procedures, and more. We are committed to providing our patients with quality care and will always put their comfort first.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Wisdom teeth or third molars are commonly impacted or do not come in correctly, often resulting in misaligned or crowded teeth, along with infections, swelling and shifting of other teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is commonly performed to protect the health of your surrounding teeth.

Dental Implants
If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implant surgery may be the restorative dentistry option for you. Dental implants are titanium tooth root substitutes we surgically place in the jawbone to support artificial replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Root Canal Therapy
Root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure designed to repair and save a severely damaged or infected tooth. The treatment involves removing the tooth pulp, cleaning the cavity, then filling and sealing it. A dental crown is placed on the treated tooth to protect and strengthen it.

Emergency Dental Surgery
Facial injuries including knocked-out teeth may require emergency dental procedures including replacing missing or damaged teeth or treating jawbone and gum damage. An oral or maxillofacial surgeon can perform surgery to repair broken facial bones.

Periodontal Surgery
Advanced cases of periodontal (gum) disease sometimes require surgical intervention by a periodontist to restore the health of damaged gums and to prevent potential tooth loss.

Jaw Surgery
If your jaws are not correctly aligned, you may find it difficult to chew, talk, breath, or swallow. Sometimes oral surgery is indicated to restore proper function.

Your Comfort Comes First

Our sedation dentistry options will ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. We may use oral or IV sedation or may need to use general anesthesia to ensure you do not experience any discomfort. Your safety and comfort are our primary concerns.


Contact us to learn more about our oral surgery procedures and how they can improve the quality of your life. We, at Kraklow Quality Dentistry, strive to offer our patients the best care available, while ensuring their safety and comfort. We are here for you every step of the way!