Getting Quality Dental Bridges Near Me in New Berlin, WI

The quality of dental bridges depends not only on fabrication but also on the skill of a professional like Dr. Thomas Kraklow placing the restoration in your mouth. You can rest assured that the team at Kraklow Quality Dentistry will make sure to place your bridge securely and that you remain comfortable during the entire procedure.

Creating Dental Bridges

The first step in placing your bridge is to take imprints and measurements to ensure that the appliance fits correctly and feels comfortable. Dr. Thomas Kraklow may place temporary crowns in the area while waiting for the bridge to be manufactured if your teeth are compromised. Temporary crowns will be removed when the time comes for your bridge placement.

Dental bridges are made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of materials. Adjoining teeth or implants support them in your mouth.

Keeping You Comfortable During Placement of Dental Bridges

Placing dental bridges is not surgical, so you'll be awake during the treatment. If you're uneasy during the treatment, Dr. Kraklow can provide you with mild sedation to help you relax. The area of your mouth will be numbed via local anesthetic given by injection into the gum where the bridge will go to minimize discomfort. Prior to the injection, you'll receive a topical anesthetic at the injection site to alleviate pain from the shot.

What to Expect From the Dental Bridge Procedure

Because of the anesthetic, you shouldn't feel any pain during the procedure. However, because you must keep your mouth open for some time, you may feel some jaw discomfort after you leave our office. Over-the-counter pain relievers or placing an ice pack on the outside of the jaw can help take care of the issue.

Recovery is minimal. You can eat with the bridge almost immediately and should experience no pain. If you have trouble adapting to it, you may need to schedule a subsequent appointment for further evaluation.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge offers several benefits, including:

  • Creating a uniform smile
  • Eliminate problems with biting and chewing
  • Reducing speaking problems caused by missing teeth
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Prevent remaining teeth from driving out of position

Scheduling Consultations for Dental Bridges Near Me

If you're located in the New Berlin, WI, area, contact Kraklow Quality Dentistry today for more information about getting dental bridges. We will be happy to set up a consultation to determine if dental bridges are an appropriate cosmetic solution for your oral health.