Oral Surgery in Greenfield

Our dental practice at Kraklow Quality Dentistry includes a range of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures by Dr. Kraklow. Trained in endodontic procedures, Dr. Kraklow can handle any common surgical procedure including wisdom teeth extractions, emergency dental and root canal surgeries and placement of dental implants.

Finding an Oral Surgeon Near Me

Kraklow Quality Dentistry is located in the Greenville area of Milwaukee, and it’s a great choice for your family’s dental needs. Our staff handles oral surgery professionally with advanced equipment and training, but our core concept involves educating the public. We work hard to achieve that goal by carefully explaining each dental procedure and offering handouts that recap the details. Dr. Kraklow and our staff always strive to create a friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere whether you’re getting oral surgery or a simple teeth cleaning.

What a Dental Oral Surgeon Near Me Offers Your Family

Our affordable and family-friendly practice offers surgery when needed. Dr. Kraklow is certified for endodontic procedures, which requires two additional years of training and specialty equipment. Dr. Kraklow offers the following surgical solutions for common dental issues:

  • Wisdom teeth extractions: Wisdom teeth are superfluous and usually erupt in your gums around the age of 20. These teeth often grow at an awkward angle, or they misalign with existing teeth. These conditions cause infections, trouble chewing, pain and shifting among the primary teeth. Removing wisdom teeth is usually a strategy to protect the other teeth.
  • Dental implants: If you are missing one or more teeth, the best solution comes from installing implants and capping each of them with a crown. Crowns mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. Implant surgery is necessary to insert implants in the jawbone for stability.
  • Root canals: Root canals often require endodontic surgical procedures, and Dr. Kraklow can repair and save your tooth with root canal therapy.
  • Emergency surgery: If you get injured, you might lose your teeth. Emergency surgery can replace missing or damaged teeth and treat any gum damage caused by the accident or injury. Dr. Kraklow can even repair facial bones.
  • Periodontal surgery: Advanced cases of gum disease might require surgery to restore gum health, drain abscesses and prevent tooth loss.
  • Jaw surgery: Your jaws might become improperly aligned from various causes. This can make swallowing, chewing and even speaking difficult. Surgical intervention can align the jaw properly.

At Kraklow Quality Dentistry, your comfort always comes first. Before Dr. Kraklow performs any surgical procedure, you will be sedated with one of our many sedation options. During surgery, you will be relaxed, comfortable and free of any pain.

Scheduling an Appointment With an Oral Surgeon Near Me

You can call us for answers to any questions you might have and to schedule a consultation for any dental issue. You can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Kraklow online.