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When you hear of a root canal treatment, you may not always envision a pleasant experience. However, here at Kraklow Quality Dentistry, you will love our relaxing environment and our different available options to alleviate any anxiety.  Did you know that root canal therapy can relieve you of tooth pain and can help you avoid more involved treatments down the road? We are here to offer quality treatments and restore your oral health!

Do You Need a Root Canal Procedure?

The tooth pulp sometimes becomes severely infected due to decay and bacteria, and it may be necessary to undergo a root canal treatment to prevent further damage to your natural teeth. Root canal therapy can save a tooth, sparing you the cost and the time involved in alternative restorative procedures such as bridges, dentures, or implants.

Patients will typically need a root canal procedure when there is inflammation or an infection of the roots of a tooth. Indications you will need this treatment often include severe pain, swelling, tooth sensitivity, or an abscessed tooth. Some patients will experience no symptoms, so it is essential to see your dentist regularly to identify any potential dental problems and treat them before they progress. 

What Should You Expect?

The first step of your root canal therapy will be an X-ray to determine the condition of your infected tooth. Next, our endodontist, or root canal specialist, will carefully remove the tooth decay, bacteria, and inflamed tooth pulp. The area will then be cleaned and disinfected before the tooth is sealed. During a consequent visit, we will place a crown on your tooth to protect and restore it to look, feel and function just like any of your other teeth.


Contact us today to learn more about our root canal therapy and the other dental procedures we offer. We, at Kraklow Quality Dentistry, strive to provide you with high-quality care through our compassionate team of professionals. If you are experiencing pain from a specific tooth or teeth, call us today!