Dental Crowns in Greenfield

Dr. Tom Kraklow of Kraklow Quality Dentistry specializes in fitting dental crowns to repair broken or damaged teeth for his Greenville and other Milwaukee, Wisconsin, patients. Crowns consist of dental restorations of your tooth or teeth. Dr. Kraklow strengthens damaged teeth by building a tooth cap that matches the size, shape, alignment and appearance of the original tooth.

Dental Crowns Near Me

Dental crowns can be made of various materials, including resin, ceramic and porcelain, but porcelain is the gold standard that’s even better than gold because the color matches your teeth. Crowns can repair a variety of tooth damage, such as chipped, broken or cracked teeth. Crowns also enable Dr. Kraklow to anchor bridges or permanent plates to a bordering tooth on each side of the bridge or plate.

Crowns are also used by Dr. Kraklow to repair cavities that are too large for fillings or to cap teeth that have had a root canal. Crowns can also be used as a cosmetic disguise for discolored or misshapen teeth.

More Details About Our Dental Crowns

You can also be fitted with a partial crown by Dr. Kraklow. These are known as inlays and onlays. We use these when a tooth is not damaged enough for a full crown, but it is damaged more than a dental filling can repair. Inlays are used to cover the chewing surface of a tooth, and onlays fit within the tooth and extend onto the chewing surface of back teeth to replace cusps. At one time, only gold was used for onlays, but that has changed dramatically because of advances in composite resins and their ability to match the natural color of your teeth.

The materials used for dental crowns, onlays and inlays include gold, silver, composite resin, ceramics and porcelain. When using ceramic or porcelain, Dr. Kraklow can bond the restoration to the tooth for incredible bite security and more strength than a natural tooth usually has.

Our crowns and partial crowns are durable, affordable and long-lasting solutions for damaged teeth. They naturally prolong the life of your tooth, and you won’t usually face any problems with crowned teeth. Our crowns last up to 30 years, which provides a high cost-value ratio when assessing various dental options.

Why Choose Dental Crowns Near Me?

Dr. Kraklow will gladly explain your options for crowns and partials. Crowns are a sound strategy for enhancing a tooth after a root canal, covering flaws or tooth discoloration and repairing damaged teeth. Crowns can also repair decayed teeth and prevent the necessity of extraction, which we feel is the most important thing. Saving your natural teeth is always Dr. Kraklow’s primary goal.

Getting Fitted for Dental Crowns Near Me

We offer routine dental services for every member of your family, including the children. Dr. Kraklow takes particular pleasure in instilling a healthy respect for oral care in younger patients. We provide educational materials for all our dental procedures, and Dr. Kraklow is a certified endodontist, which means he has additional skills that 97% of dentists don’t have.

If you live, work or commute through Greenville, you can call Dr. Kraklow at 414-427-8565 to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us today to get an immediate appointment or answers to key dental questions from our knowledgeable staff.