Comprehensive Exams in Greenfield

Comprehensive Exams in Greenfield for Great Oral Health

When looking for a comprehensive exam near me, Kraklow Quality Dentistry is a great choice if you live or work in Greenfield or nearby areas of Milwaukee. Our goal is always great oral health, and new patients receive a complete examination under the watchful eye of Dr. Tom Kraklow. Our friendly staff will assist him by taking a full series of mouth X-rays.

Comprehensive Exams Reveal Oral Problems

The examination includes looking inside your mouth to evaluate your jaw and bite, taking a thorough medical history, and screening for signs of oral cancer. Dr. Kraklow will discuss your radiographs with you regarding any teeth cracks, cavities, and chips in tooth enamel. He pays great attention to any previously done dental work and restorations.

Dr. Kraklow also screens for gum and periodontal disease and conducts a TMJ exam. This consists of palpating the area directly above the jaw joint while you open and close your jaw. Problems in the temporomandibular joint can indicate many disorders that include ear pathology, snapping sounds of the jaw, tissue inflammation, headaches, and soft tissue pain.

Dr. Kraklow will also ask you about any cosmetic concerns that you have or want to correct. The answers to these questions and the hard evidence of your oral health will be used to develop a custom treatment plan to maintain your oral health and protect your natural smile.

What a Comprehensive Exam Near Me Can Reveal

Comprehensive exams by Dr. Kraklow can reveal surprising information. Many patients are shocked to learn they have bad breath that’s caused by the following:

  • Certain medications
  • Food particles lodged in the teeth and gums
  • Gum disease
  • Dehydration
  • Tobacco and other gum irritants

Other results of comprehensive exams include possible drug interactions, cavities that require dental repair, and the need for tooth replacement. You could have badly aligned teeth or need periodontal work -- such as scaling and root planing to clean infected root surfaces.

Comprehensive Exams: Schedule One Today

Dr. Kraklow always tries to develop a good rapport with each patient, and he will question you about your daily oral care habits, discuss your oral health and make recommendations for preventative dentistry. The quicker you schedule a comprehensive exam near me, the faster you can address the dental issues you might have. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get answers to your most pressing dental questions.