Which Dental Fillings Last Longest?

Dental implants are used for both practical and cosmetic reasons. Those who wish to change the appearance of their jaw may be just as qualified for implants as someone who has difficulties chewing. This is a popular procedure for both men and women.

The Difference Between Dental Fillings and Implants

Dental implants are used when one or more teeth are missing. If a tooth is not properly replaced, this can cause issues with the surrounding teeth. A dental implant feels and looks natural, but it may take up to six months to complete the entire process of getting a dental filling.

Dental fillings near me are frequently used to fill cavities. Cavities can be caused by tooth decay or nutrition, depending on the individual. Even patients who brush twice per day are still susceptible to cavities.

Are Dental Fillings Absolutely Necessary?

Cavities can be the size of a pinprick and still cause issues. They are known to cause pain, gum disease, bad breath, and even tooth loss.

To avoid dental implants, fillings are absolutely necessary for cavities. Filling a cavity takes approximately one hour to complete and is virtually painless. A strong numbing agent is used so that the only discomfort comes from a slight pressure.

Types of Dental Fillings Near Me

There are multiple types of fillings available. Gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, and even tooth-colored plastic are known to work well inside the mouth. Kraklow Quality Dentistry offers several choices, but we usually recommend porcelain. 

Porcelain ceramic fillings are durable and appear completely natural. Gold fillings also last for over a decade but may require additional office visits. We'll discuss all types of fillings with you based on cost, comfort and appearance to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Depending on the material a filling can last for well over a decade. Although they are designed to be durable enough to chew and speak, eventually these fillings will need to be replaced. The size of the filling in addition to the material and regular hygiene play a heavy role in a filling's expected lifespan. 

Gold fillings typically last anywhere from 15 to 30 years with the proper care. Filling maintenance should be done on a regular basis. Skipping dental appointments can be detrimental when it comes to gold and silver fillings. 

Silver fillings are not actually made from pure silver. A percentage of silver fillings have different materials such as copper and tin. Although they are extremely durable, annual dental appointments are still necessary.

Porcelain fillings are both natural and durable. They are not noticeable when chewing or speaking and last approximately 10 years. Many people opt for porcelain fillings because of their appearance. 

Composite fillings do not last as long as porcelain, silver, or gold. These fillings are made from quartz and hard plastic. They are able to match the surrounding teeth but may be less durable. The average lifespan for composite fillings is anywhere from seven to 10 years. 

Dental Fillings Near Me

Dental fillings are a common practice in dentistry regardless of age. For several options to choose from, please make an appointment with us at Kraklow Quality Dentistry.